Meet Project TGL

Project TGL is about productivity skills that help you live better – not faster. (Psst: TGL stands for “The Good Life”.)

If you don’t clock on at 9 and clock off at 5, the line between work and life can be difficult to define. “Work/life balance” sounds great, but the boundary between the two keeps shifting under your feet. And that’s OK! Enjoyment and productivity, the good life and the organised life, can go hand in hand.

Project TGL explores research-backed, actionable lifehacks for freelancers, creatives, work-from-homers, and anyone else who wants to manage their time well and find joy in day-to-day life.

Sound like something you need in your life? I run interactive workshops for groups in Melbourne, Australia.

If you’re not looking to work with me, you can still get plenty of actionable tips about living well and being organised right here on my blog.

Meet Christina Majoinen

Christina MajoinenProject TGL is run by me, Christina. Here are eight things you should know about me:

  1. I have been teaching adults since 2011. Over the years I have put special effort into levelling up my skills in:
    • breaking down big ideas (I’ve spent years teaching scientists how to talk about science like normal people), and
    • asking the right questions to get a discussion going where everybody’s input is welcome and valued.
  2. I met my partner at university in a formal logic class, because I am exactly that kind of nerd.
  3. I’m a slightly bossy, warm-hearted big sister and oldest cousin. Which means: I love to make sure everyone’s looked after, but I’m not afraid to tell it like it is. (Also, I’m good at projecting my voice so a big group of people can hear me.)
  4. For the better part of a decade, I’ve done most of my work from home. (Every day, except the days I’m teaching.)
  5. My superpower is x-ray vision: I’m a structural thinker, and love nutting out the underlying structure of things (including written texts, educational courses, and productivity systems).
  6. I have a Masters in philosophy. If you’re keen-eyed, you may have spotted the nod to philosophy in the name of this site: the grandfather of Western philosophy, Aristotle, talked about “The Good Life” at length. (He called it eudaimonia, but “The Good Life” is easier to spell.)
  7. I wholeheartedly believe that reading and learning are for life, not just for school.
  8. I’m really into The Princess Bride. You don’t by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?


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