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I am all about helping people find the right tools for living playful, confident, organised lives; being more productive; and bringing work and life into harmony. My talks and workshops focus on actionable tools that are easy to implement and proven to work for real people.

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Workshop & speaking topics

Available as a 4-hour workshop, or as a 1-hour talk

Find your flow

Do your best work, and have a great time doing it

Flow is what happens when you’re in the zone. You’re lost in a project, time slips by, and you’re killing it. When you’re in flow, you do your best work, and you’re productive without even trying. We look at the five elements of flow, what really keeps you motivated, and how to fully focus on your work. You'll leave with simple tools for crafting a more productive and enjoyable working week, and consistently getting "in the zone".

Handle your habits

Harness habits to spend your energy where it really matters

The right habits, routines, and resolutions can reduce your mental load, freeing you to spend your energy where it really matters. We’ll look at using systems to do your thinking for you, and at how to harness habits to live a freer, better, more focused life. We’ll also explore proven ways to form habits that actually work. You’ll leave feeling motivated and energised, ready to transform your day-to-day from humdrum to rocking-it.

Tweak your week

Think like a productivity superstar, and still have a life

Let’s talk about how to: think like a town planner (reduce your mental traffic), think like a game developer (work quickly, flexibly, and iteratively), and think like a financial adviser (budget your time wisely). You’ll leave with a raft of productivity tools that are easy to put into practice, and a personal plan for changes you will make to become a productivity superstar. Go you good thing!
Also available as a self-paced online course.

In addition, the following topics are available as a 1-hour interactive talk:

  • Stop procrastinating! What makes you procrastinate, and how to beat it.
  • Study smarter! Learn how your brain learns best, so you can get more out of your studies.

What people say

Christina’s clear and concise advice left us all with some fresh ideas about how to manage our day-to-day. Christina was not only engaging and professional, but her content is grounded in demonstrated and reliable science, which is especially important to those in our field. I am already starting to implement the techniques she taught us into my week, but more importantly identifying were I am not being as productive as I possibly could be. I am very much looking forward to working with her again within our Centre.

Kate Lowry - Chief Operating Officer, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers

Fantastically engaging and well-run. The research was well-cited, and I loved how you were able to critique it for us. I also enjoyed that you shared well-tried strategies, with a good combination of theory and personal stories.


Christina was able to keep the whole group engaged fully the entire time of the session. I think it was the most participatory workshop I have attended.


Christina’s teaching experience really comes through; she is knowledgeable, very clear when presenting information, and friendly. I now have a smooth-running organisational system.

Jen Kapaun

Hi Christina, I recently attended your talk on productivity at the [redacted] conference. I just want to say that I found the talk incredibly helpful and, even though it has only been a few days, the skills you taught have made me feel and work dramatically better. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for your inspiration talk. All the very best, Kat

How I roll

When I speak and teach, interesting ideas meet concrete action. You will learn about the many ways that human brains are endlessly fascinating, but you will also leave with a personal-to-you plan for easy steps you can take starting today.

The tools that we look at are proven to work for real people by actual, top-notch* scientific research. (I am a fully-signed-up, die-hard believer in academic rigour.)

“OK, Christina,” I hear you say, “so your know your stuff. But what makes you the right person to talk to my group?”

I hear ya.

Knowing your stuff doesn’t automatically make you a good teacher, right? So let me reassure you that I know how to talk about my stuff. I've been teaching adults since 2011, and am skilled in breaking down big ideas so that they make sense. I spent three years teaching scientists how to talk about science like normal people.

We won’t get deep into the science or use lots of jargon. Just straight-up, easy-to-grasp info that you can put into action straight away.

*That’s peer-reviewed, for all the scholars in the room.

The nitty gritty


Workshops: My workshops run for four hours (3.5 hours plus a 25-minute break).

The ideal group size is 10–20 workshop participants – small enough for plenty of discussion, big enough for diverse viewpoints – but all workshops can be adapted for smaller or larger groups.

Participants should come prepared to engage in discussion, and to create a personal action plan in their custom-printed workbook.

Speaking: My talks run for 60 to 90 minutes depending on your needs, and can work for a group of any size.

Location: I’m based on Melbourne, Australia. For events further afield, please get in touch to discuss logistics and pricing.

The process

Step 1: Get in touch. Fill in the form below, or book in a call with  me. Let's discuss your needs!

Step 2: Details, details. Once I've got a handle on your needs, I'll send a proposal laying out my pricing and exactly what you'll get when you book me.

Step 3: Lock it in. After you confirm you want to go ahead, I'll send you a contract and an invoice. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, we're officially booked in!

Step 4: Preparation. I'll send you a questionnaire for any details we need to finalise before go time. I'll also send you some resources you can use to advertise the session to your group.

Step 5: Go time. Let's do this thing!

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