Dubsado setup service

You know you need better business systems, and you’re pretty sure Dubsado could be the system for you.

You’re so ready to stop doing all the hard work yourself, and to outsource to systems. Ready for changes like:

  • No more remembering to follow up on unpaid invoices — your reminders are automatically sent

  • No more futzing with a quote for hours to make it look and sound just right — you have a pre-built, beautiful template ready to go

  • No more saying "Sorry, I meant to sent this to you earlier" — your forms are so quick and easy to use that they'll always be timely, and you won’t get caught in the admin weeds

For every step of the customer journey (from lead capture to offboarding), Dubsado has systems that create a smooth and enjoyable experience for you (the business owner) and for your customer.

You can capture your leads when they fill out a contact form, take bookings synced to your calendar, and send beautiful proposals, timely contracts and invoices, and spot-on customer surveys.

All automated so you can focus on the important things.

Sounds great, if only you had the time (and knowledge) to set it up correctly, right?

Hire a Dubsado Certified Specialist

Christina smiling widely, wearing a mint green blazer. The Dubsado Certification badge is at the bottom right.

Have we met? I'm Christina. I’m a Certified Dubsado Specialist, which means I’ve taken an exam to prove I know Dubsado like the back of my hand.

I basically am the 🤓 emoji — a big geek and a big nerd — and creating systems that sing is one of my favourite things. My Dubsado setup service is a complete, end-to-end, done-for-you service. I set up all the templates and automations for you, and then hand you sparkling, ready-to-go Dubsado workflows.

As a Certified Dubsado Specialist, I’ve signed a commitment to these core values: 

Honesty: being clear about what Dubsado — and I — can and can’t do for you 

Individualisation: customising solutions to fit your business’s unique needs 

That means I’ll spend some time really digging into what your customer journey looks like, and then create custom forms and workflows perfectly tailored to your business.



for a standard Dubsado setup.

If your business has additional needs, I’ll provide a quote for any add-ons you may need.


  • Ready-to-use Dubsado forms that make you look oh-so-profesh and get you the info you need. Lead capture, questionnaires, proposals, etc. customised to your brand and your needs, and coded to make them accessible and beautiful.
  • Purpose-built workflows, to get you out of the admin weeds, tailored to fit exactly how you onboard and offboard your clients.
  • 5 one-on-one calls with me where we combine your rich knowledge of YOUR clients with my systems know-how, so that everything we create fits perfectly into your business. Including a 2-hour handover call (recorded, so you can refer back to it) where I show you how to use everything we’ve created
  • A one-month follow-up call to check in on how it’s working and make any necessary tweaks, so we can refine your workflows to perfection.


What you get

My Dubsado setup service is a complete, end-to-end, done-for-you service.

A typical Dubsado setup might include creation of a lead capture form for embedding on your website, 3 questionnaires, 2 proposal templates, 5 of your pricing packages, and 20 email templates all set up in Dubsado and ready to go with automations.

Here’s an example of what that might look like in practice:

  • Capture your lead as soon as they fill out an inquiry form. Their details will automatically be stored in your database, and a Dubsado project will be created.
  • Your lead receives an instantaneous email with your pricing guide attached, and a link to book a discovery call with you (synced to your calendar, to prevent clashes).
  • In the leadup to the discovery call, both you and your potential client receive automated reminder emails.
  • If you decide you want to work with them after the call, send them a pre-built proposal with just a few clicks (and personalise it if you wish).
  • The client accepts the proposal, and automatically receives your contract and invoice. If they don’t pay the invoice on time, they’ll get automated email reminders.
  • Woohoo, you have booked a new job! The client automatically receives your onboarding questionnaire.
  • And so on…

What to expect

The first step is to book a free 15 minute call with me. During the call, we’ll discuss any questions you may have, and I’ll ask you some questions about your business to help clarify whether the Dubsado Setup Service package is a good fit for your needs. I’ll ask questions like:

  • What services do you offer?

  • What does your current process look like for booking a new client?

  • What are you hoping to get out of using Dubsado?

Then, I’ll send you a proposal with complete pricing for your Dubsado Setup Service. Once you’ve accepted the proposal, you’ll receive a contract and invoice. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

I only take one booking each month, so get in quick!

Once we’re ready to get started, we'll meet on Zoom each week over 5 weeks. In weeks 1 and 5 we'll have a two-hour call to kick off and wrap up the project. In between, I'll be working on your Dubsado setup and we'll have brief check-in calls to ensure that it all stays on the right track.

Here's the process week by week:

  • Week 0

  • Week 1

  • Week 2

  • Week 3

  • Week 4

  • Week 5


I'll send you a checklist of details of how to get your Dubsado account set up and add me as an admin, as well as a list of information I need to get started. Then you complete the checklist one week before our first call. Full payment is also due before we begin work on your project.

For one month following your handover session, email me anytime with questions. Then, after you've been using Dubsado for a bit, we'll check in over Zoom to see how it's going and make any needed tweaks or refinements.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dubsado right for me?

Dubsado is great if:

  • You have a service-based business (in other words, you have multiple touchpoints where you communicate with or collect info from your client).
  • You’ve been in business for at least 6 months, and you know the steps you need to take and the information you need to sign on a new customer.
  • You’re ready to stop doing everything manually, and are excited to have pre-built email templates, questionnaires, and scheduler templates at your fingertips. And you’re willing to invest a little bit of time to make that happen.
  • You are a solo business owner, or have only one team member who books meetings with clients. Or otherwise, you are OK with using a separate booking system if you have multiple team members who need to book meetings with clients.

Dubsado is not a great fit if:

  • You run an agency or other business where multiple team members need to use the same system for booking client appointments.
  • You’re not willing to put any time or effort into learning how to use the system. (Dubsado is pretty easy to use, but any system this powerful with so many different functions has a learning curve.)
  • You have a product-based business.
  • You’re new in business and aren’t yet clear on what your processes look like, or how you want to communicate with your clients.

Can you get me a discount on my Dubsado subscription?

I sure can! Use this link to get 30% off your first month or year of Dubsado. Please note that if you choose a monthly subscription, you will only get the discount for the first month. If you’ve already signed up to a free trial, you can enter the code “projecttgl” at checkout to get the same discount.

Can I just set up Dubsado myself?

If that’s what you want, go for it! If you're going down that route, I would recommend making sure that you watch all of Dubsado's excellent training videos (both the beginner and the intermediate courses).

Do keep in mind that Dubsado is a complex system with lots of moving parts, so you’ll find that it takes a big investment of time and planning to get your systems just right.

If you’d prefer to hire an expert who knows exactly what they’re doing and can do all the heavy lifting for you, then that’s what I’m here for!

Why do I need a Certified Dubsado Specialist? What does that mean anyway?

A Certified Dubsado Specialist is someone who has taken Dubsado’s accreditation exam and passed with flying colours (passing requires a minimum 75% score — and the questions aren’t easy!). Not only that, Certified Specialists must re-sit the exam each year to show that they’re up-to-date with the latest features.

Going with a Certified Dubsado Specialist for your Dubsado setup gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you've hired someone who knows all the ins and outs of Dubsado intimately, and will never leave you in the lurch with a system that doesn’t quite work, or with half-built workflows.

Will you teach me how to use Dubsado?

I’ll show you how to use all the templates, forms, and automations I’ve set up in Dubsado from start to finish on a test project. I’ll also provide some videos you can refer back to as needed about how to edit your templates and workflows.

However, to get comfortable with Dubsado quickly I would also recommend spending some time getting familiar with the system and watching some of Dubsado’s excellent training videos. Once we start working together, I’ll send you the details of which videos are most helpful.

Will the templates you create for me be “code free”?

A lot of people advertise “code free” Dubsado templates, but can I let you in on a secret? I think coded templates are actually better. They look more attractive, and they’re easier to use. Here’s why:

Code free template

Coded template

Involves uploading images (created in Canva or similar) into your Dubsado forms

Involves adding code snippets into your Dubsado forms. (I’ll do this part - you don’t need to touch it unless you want to!)

Not mobile friendly: text often becomes too tiny to read, and images look blurry when viewed on different sized screens

Mobile friendly: can expand or shrink as needed when viewed on different sized screens, while remaining beautiful

Complicated to edit: if you want to update the text of a header, etc., you need to find the Canva file, edit it, re-download the file, and then upload it to Dubsado.

Simple to edit: updating the text of a header requires clicking on the header and then editing the text in the code block. (I’ll provide videos about how to do this - it’s super simple, I promise.)

Inaccessible: any text saved as an image can’t be read by screen readers, and can be difficult to read for people with poor vision

Accessible: the client’s computer will recognise all text as text.

(IMHO) not as attractive: you’re restricted to the size of the image blocks in Dubsado forms.

Attractive: Beautiful, full-screen width headers and section backgrounds.

Will you write my email and survey templates for me?

At the beginning of the process, I’ll ask you to forward me examples of emails and surveys that you’ve sent to customers. I’ll copy those into Dubsado.

If you don’t have any recent examples, or if you’re not happy with the wording of your current templates, I’ll provide sample email templates and survey templates. However, I strongly recommend that you treat these as a jumping off point for writing your own templates in your own brand voice - you want your customers to really know it’s you talking to them!

How much time will I need to invest into the process?

Here’s the full breakdown of what will be needed from you to make the process work:

Week 0

  • Complete the steps on the initial “getting started” checklist.
  • Full payment of invoice.

Week 1

  • 2 hour call to map your customer journey
  • Complete the “brand basics” survey

Week 2

  • Check-in call. Up to 60 minutes; less if feedback provided beforehand.
  • Send me any requested info about your customer journey (e.g. recent email examples).

Week 3

  • Check-in call. Up to 60 minutes; less if feedback provided beforehand.

Week 4

  • Check-in call. Up to 60 minutes; less if feedback provided beforehand.

Week 5

  • Two-hour handover call.

Ready to get started?

Just fill out the form below and I'll send you a link to book in your free 15-minute Zoom call: