Real relaxation

I’m always reading and listening to new things. And sometimes, a lovely confluence occurs where several of the things I’m reading or listening to have similar themes.

Here’s a selection of excerpts from online media I’ve consumed recently, on the theme of “real relaxation”:

Walk outside with Inside Out’s Pete Docter, The science of happiness podcast

“People who are really high in savouring, even if they had poor health — so they had a lot of pain, physical things that prevented them from doing the things they wanted to do — they were as happy as people who were perfectly healthy. And … for the people who are totally healthy, if they didn’t also savour the good things in life, they were leaving happiness on the table.”

How to have a successful summer vacation, Thrive global

“A necessary ingredient for recharging your batteries on vacation is mentally disengaging from work. It’s not enough to physically leave the office, you have to mentally leave the office.”

Prioritising rest & reflection, Hurry slowly podcast

“Real relaxation doesn’t come from doing nothing at all if you’re a busy person but from doing something different — an alternative outlook, a change of atmosphere, a diversion of effort is essential.”


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