Stick your beak into other people’s morning routines

The website My Morning Routine contains over 250 interviews about – you guessed it – people’s morning routines.

It’s fascinating reading, not least because it looks at the morning routines of a broad range of people, including writers, entrepeneurs, and designers.

Check out their interview statistics (fair warning through, if you’re a night owl like me you’ll find the average waking up time depressing).

If you’re looking for a way to prioritise what’s important to you and start each day centred in 2018, My Morning Routine provides plenty of inspiration for developing your own morning routine.

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You probably already know whether you're a "morning lark" or a "night owl".

So answer me this: Did you know that you can work with (instead of against) your personal daily rhythm by tweaking the work you do at different times of day?

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  1. So interesting, Christina! Thanks for the great suggested reading!

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