My morning routine

There’s been a lot of talk about daily rituals and morning routines in creative and productivity circles lately. You know something is in the public consciousness when lifestyle brands like kikki.K are talking about it. Heck, there are even several bestselling books on the topic.

My own daily morning ritual is its own small miracle, in that it has made it possible for me to beat what I semi-affectionately call my ‘zombie brain fog’.

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. Suddenly, years of what I thought was insomnia made sense. I went on a ludicrously simple treatment plan: take melatonin at night (to tell my brain it’s nighttime), and sit in front of a very bright light for 30 minutes every morning (to tell my brain it’s daytime). Voilà. Zombie brain fog vanquished. (Most of the time, anyway.)

So here’s my delightful morning routine: my parter S and I wake up, fix ourselves breakfast, and sit on the couch. We listen to 30 minutes of an audio book together, with me sitting right in front of a very bright light.

It’s such a lovely, chill way to start the day. Snuggled on the couch while the heating kicks in, eating homemade muesli, enjoying some Agatha Christie, or Jasper Fforde, or whatever it is we’re listening to this week. I’ve come to actually look forward to mornings, something I couldn’t have even imagined a year ago.

What daily ritual could you implement to make your day just that little bit better?

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